Sunday, 13 May 2012



The task...Fund raising gala with entertainment, and to create a short public service announcement for their chosen charity.
Aided by his chosen teammates, Aubrey, Debbie, Penn, and Dee, Clay sets out to produce the best video and raise the most money. 
He has his finger in every pie and must taste it before giving his consent...much to the frustration of his teammates! Everyone gave it their best effort but were hampered by Clay's nit-picking and anxiety. Penn came up with the best concept and was hesitantly given approval. Debbie was in charge of the music segment...can't imagine why...I don't remember any of her stuff! Aubrey would have been the best choice....eye candy, fresh.
Way too much time was wasted trying to find a suitable outdoor location to shoot video and audio. All of this should have been done in the screen, sound quality, containment.
Looks like he muzzled a lot of his teammates....A real shame 'cos a lot of creativity and talent was wasted.
Better raise a whole whack of cash Mr. Aiken....'cos that's all that's gonna be in your favour.
Better bring a big apple into the boardroom!

Clay Aiken - Headless chicken.

Nobody picked Aubrey to be on their team. She was snubbed...almost discounted. She only ended up on Clay's team by default. Understandable really. It is very hard for Clay to see clearly when he has his head buried so far up his own arse.

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